"The Team at Nick of Time Project is simply great! It was very difficult for me to find transportation for doctor visits and they took action immediately. As I was applying for Access, they told me it could take weeks or even months to be approved. Worried about how I would get to my doctor visits, I reached out to my Nurse Case Manager and she referred me to The Nick of Time Project. I requested for them to assist me with my transportation until Access approved my application and they did so by sending me out with drivers that were very friendly and safe. Thank you so much for being there for me in the Nick of Time!" - Robert G. (57)



"I was referred to the Nick of Time Project by my social worker because I was in need of a wheelchair ramp so I could easily enter and exit my household. After reaching out to them, they quickly reviewed my application and installed a wheelchair ramp, which allowed me to leave my house whenever I please without any trouble. Discovering whom The Nick of Time Project is truly changed my life and I am beyond thankful for their dedication to care for others."  - Errol M. (59)



"I am a senior homeless veteran and was in need of housing so my social worker referred me to the Nick of Time Project. I didn’t have a place to stay so I contacted them asking if they can provide me with assistance. As many people in Los Angeles know, it is very difficult to find housing at homeless shelters today, but the team at Nick of Time Project pulled through and helped me find housing at the Ascencia Homeless Shelter. Thank you so much!" - Eddie S. (80)



"When I lost all my food due to a power outage in my neighborhood, I contacted Nick of Time Project for help. They brought me bags of much needed groceries so that I wouldn't go hungry. It's a blessing to have people like them care for individuals like myself." - Kenn S. (55)



"As an elder woman who is wheelchair bound, I was unable to leave my home due the inability of having a ramp on my front porch. I reached out to The Nick of Time Project for assistance and was treated with such care and compassion. They installed a ramp for me within 24 hours, on a hot day during one of our awful heat waves. Thank you to the Nick of Time Project for enabling me to be mobile again!" - Anne P. (58)



"I'm so grateful to have met such an enthusiastic and determined team! I was recently involved in an automobile accident where I was hospitalized and sent to a high level care facility. The day before my discharge, we found out that my vehicles battery was completely dead and I didn't have any means of transportation from one facility to another. My Social Worker referred The Nick of Time Project to see if they could assist me and in a matter of few hours they installed a brand new battery in my vehicle, transported me to my doctors office, and finally made sure that I was safely discharged. Thank you so much Nick of Time!" - Barbara S. (72)



"As a homeless elder veteran, it was difficult to find help. I was discharged from the hospital after having surgery and was living in my vehicle. I hadn't eaten in days and was in need of shelter. My Social Workers referred me to The Nick of Time Project and when they heard about my case, they got in contact with me to help me out. When they came to visit me, they greeted me with a gift bag with food, water, snacks, and clothes. They also provided several resources of locations that provide housing so that I wouldn't have to live in my car." - Greg G. (68)



"I am so blessed to have met this organization. As an elder blind man I have difficulty getting around the community and getting stuff done. I told my Social Worker that I needed new clothes and transportation because I can't go shopping alone. Few days later, I got a phone call from one of the respectful advocates from The Nick of Time and he wanted to come visit me. The day of their arrival, they came in with bags of clothing and food. They also provided several resources of organizations that provide transportation. You guys are awesome! Thank you guys so much for making me realize that there are still good people out there who want to help!" - Les S. (58)



"The Nick of Time is a hidden gem in our community. There are a lot of nonprofits out there, but what is unique about this organization is that it is solely devoted to the needs of seniors- a group that is often forgotten and neglected. What a wonderful, much needed resource!"

- Thomas (Social Worker & Community Advocate)