Our Mission:

The Nick of Time Project provides a critical safety net for elders who are at risk of falling through the cracks without an adequate support system. Do your essential needs to live a healthy quality life exceed your income and resources? If so, contact us to see how we can help you today!


A contribution to The Nick of Time Project will have a direct and immediate impact on improving the quality of life for seniors in need. Our success is built upon how much you can help with your generous contribution.  

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"When I lost all my food due to a power outage in my neighborhood, I contacted Nick of Time Project for help. It's a blessing to have people like them care for individuals like myself."

- Kenn S. (55)

"As an elder woman who is wheelchair bound, I was unable to leave my home due the inability of having a ramp on my front porch. I reached out to The Nick of Time Project for assistance and was treated with such care and compassion. Thank you to the Nick of Time Project for enabling me to be mobile again!"

- Anne P. (58)

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